• Gaida Escobar

    Gaida Escobar

  • Kovid Rathee

    Kovid Rathee

    I write about tech, Indian classical music, literature, and the workplace among other things. 1x engineer on weekdays. https://kovidrathee.medium.com/membership

  • chris van

    chris van

  • Rami Ismail

    Rami Ismail

    Chief Executive Business & Development Guy at indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Drinks only real cane sugar coke.

  • Arthur Ward Jr

    Arthur Ward Jr

    Programmer, Web Developer, Game Creator, http://ideabutt.com @Babycastles Crew. Check out my new game on. Itch.io http://edibletoaster.itch.io/crush-ii

  • Erin Barth-Dwyer

    Erin Barth-Dwyer

  • Manicacci François-Marie

    Manicacci François-Marie

  • Ghostly


    Art + Artifice since 1999. Ghostly International / Spectral Sound / @ghostlystore

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