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an example of the Pico-8 sprite editor, command line, and Lua scripting editor

Pico-8 is an agile game engine which allows users to build 8-bit style games on most computer platforms (Mac/Windows/Linux), which run in web browsers.

The engine itself includes a command line terminal, scripting in Lua, an easy to use sprite editor, and a sfx/music editor.

The popularity of pico-8 is…

an example of p5.js in the p5 editor (Example by Gene Kogan)

p5.js is an open JS open source library, made to provide a low barrier of entry for developers to make creative coding projects, and ultimately is a great teaching tool for imparting concepts in software engineering.

I’m going to show a very quick way to import the p5 library into…

Before the problem, first the condition:

There’s a FullStack JS developer condition, called ‘JavaScript fatigue,’ which refers to the ‘inability to keep up with the latest tools, the fear of becoming obsolete, the constant change of the ecosystem, and the overwhelming choice,’ according to an article written by Kim Maida.


Component state in React is passed through Parent and Child, which requires the use of Props to pass state.

Definition taken from the Recoil API:

‘Recoil lets you create a data-flow graph that flows from atoms (shared state) through selectors (pure functions) and down into your React components. Atoms are…

Javascript’s function expressions before 2015 ECMA Script (ES6) resembled many languages in its syntax:

// Traditional Function Declaration
function plusOneHundred(a){
return a + 100;

Here is a function, plusOneHundred(), and within parentheses an argument, a which is used to return a value a+100. A JavaScript function declaration pre-ES6 is…

The following is attempt to understand to explain how to reverse a linked list in the simplest manner. First I will look at a linked list and then I’ll look at how to reverse it.

A linked list is NOT an array. …

JavaScript is not an object oriented language (OOP), but an object-based language. That is to say, everything which exists in JS is an object: classes, numbers, functions…are all {}.

By comparison, C++ an OOP language, to create an object, one must first instantiate a class and then implement a constructor…

41, 42, 43, 44, 45

Map() is a valuable function featured in the JavaScript library, which allows one to quickly create new arrays from existing arrays. This is helpful in solving algorithms, and pulling out and displaying data, especially in React.

Here’s a simple algorithm problem: given an array of numbers, create a new array…

React by Wikipedia definition (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is an open-source JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components.

Many web applications are built now using this JavaScript library. Let’s look at one critical aspect of React: Events.

An event is a user driven JSX callback which…


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